Belgian Coast Race


Welcome to the third edition of the Belgian Coast Race.

The race has her homebase in Ostend, a beautiful town in the midst of our 67 km stretch of coastline.

Ostend is easy to reach by public transport (train) or car (highway E40, exit 4)

The 2023 race will be an open race for all nationalities, but will also serve as the Belgian national championships (for participants to the Belgian champs a canoe federation licence is required)

4 types of vessels can participate in this long distance race : SUP, Surfski , seakayak and OC1



The race will take place on saturday the 30th of September



9:30-11:00: accreditation

11:00 safety briefing


Start (Ostend) 13:30h

Everybody passes boat control: boat, leash, number, communication device will be checked before the start.

race bibs and trackers will be given when you pass boat control!

Start sequence is

  • First start : seakayak, SUP ladies, oc, men SUP and women SS1
  • Second start :men SS1+ SS2

don't forget to put some dry gear in the cars 



Finish after 21Km downwind at the beach in Zeebrugge

Finish is between two rows of beach flags on the shore ( short run)

After the finish, collect your craft and carry to parking

Tie your boat to the waiting trailers so put straps in your dry gear bag. Change to dryrobe or dryer gear to drive back

Shower options , prize giving + meal afterwards


On Sunday 1st of october between 9:30 and 12:00 there will be a free training session (12km) where trailers and transport will be provided



Inscriptions are closed.

The enry fee includes 1 meal after the race


Are you supporting your athlete or do you just like to watch the race and join us for a meal during prizegiving?
for 20 € you can join the meal, please book in advance.


What do I need to race

  • A boat : bring a surfski, specski, OC1 , seakayak or Sup that is adapted to your ability as a paddler
    There are no length or weight limitations for surfski construction.
    Bring your own surfski or rent one
    for more info for a possible rental: click on the tab 'practical' and select 'rental boats'
  • A paddle: all participants have to bring their own paddle
  • A life jacket or PFD: All competitors shall wear a flotation device for their body weight approved by the race committee from before the start until after the finish of every event.
  • A leash : (approved by the organisers) connecting the competitor to their craft. Must be worn (attached) from the turning point after the start until the final turning point before the finish.
  • Communication device such as a (charged) cell phone or vhf radio.
    It’s strongly advised to install the safe TRX app on your phone and use it during the race
    an emergency number of the race committee will be given during the briefing. It is advised to put that as a contact in your phone
  • Waterproof pouch for cellphones
  • Clothing: adapted to the conditions on race day
  • Tracker: will be provided by the organisation 20 mins before the start

Ocean Racing may involve participants in dangerous situations. It is a requirement that any competitor, seeing another in real danger shall render all assistance in his or her power. Failure to do so may involve disqualification. Time bonuses based on actual delays can be awarded to any competitor providing assistance to a fellow participant.


Responsibility : A competitor accepts the risks as a participant of the training for and participating in the Coast Race, disability and mortality in the worst case otherwise I will not participate in the Coast Race , the workouts in advance and / or other related activities. Finally, by competing I will not accuse organizing volunteers , employees , directors , sponsors , municipal , county and / or any legal entities and / or individuals associated with the Coast Race for any damage and / or loss in one of these activities . Participants that are assessed during the race by the lifeguards or race committee as not able enough or below the safety time will be removed of the race for their own safety


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