Inscriptions 2023

Inscriptions 2023 are open. please send your data in a message and follow up with paying 50€ on the acount that you find underneath. In this price 1 meal is included.

Price is per paddler (SS1/SUP = 50 €,   SS2 = 100 €)


Please put in the message underneath:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Birthdate and gender
  • Craft (SS1/SS2/SUP/Other)

If you want to order a meal for a supporter (non paddler) please put this in the message and pay another 20€ per extra person.

Payment can be done on the account of TC Surfski: IBAN BE34 0019 0494 3590 (BIC GEBABEBB)

Inscriptions are only valid when payment is received.

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